You Love Fashion

And you have lots of designer pieces...

More than you can wear.

But they're part of who you are. You're not going to consign or donate them.

Why not put them to work?

With DesignerShare, you can

Open your wardrobe

and make money lending your clothes to others who love fashion as much as you do.

What's Involved?

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Complete your DesignerShare profile. Adding details such as a style statement will help others connect with you- and your items!

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Begin creating your wardrobe. We’ll give you tips on adding items, including sizing, style tags and photography guidelines. You can list clothing and accessories such as bags, shoes and jewelry.

We suggest listing items at 10% of original retail value for a weekly rental. For example, an item originally purchased for $350 would rent for $35/week; however, the rental price is ultimately up to you!

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Manage requests for your items through the Lending section in your DesignerShare Dashboard. You'll see what your final payout will be before accepting a request. Note that requests must be accepted within 24 hours.

However, you also have the option to decline a request as needed. After all, the point is for you to be able to look and feel fabulous, too!

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Once you approve a request, set up a pick-up time that works with your schedule. We're all about convenience, so we offer free door-to-door delivery service!

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If it's a clothing item, it will be cleaned by our trusted partner, Tide Spin, on it's way back to you! Dry-cleaning costs are split between the renter and the lender. It doesn't get easier or less expensive than this! After your piece is cleaned, it will be delivered back to you in approximately 2 days, but you can anticipate 3-5 days if the item was shipped nationally as a part of our new program. Rest assured your piece will be in great condition thanks to our lender protection policy!

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Time to get paid: DesignerShare will cash out 75 percent of the rental cost to YOU! Once you have your item back, list it again and keep making easy money from your wardrobe.


Above all..

We're here for you.

The DesignerShare Team

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