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Carolina Herrera Blush Pink Silk Rhinestone Crystal Ruffle Gown

This feminine full length gown is constructed of blush pink silk with gray flounce accents. Ruffle detailing along the neckline. Rhinestone and beaded embellishment on the left strap swirls down the side towards the hip. Side zip closure. Size: 8 Color: Gray,Pink, Made in: Unknown Fabric Content: Silk Condition: Pre-owned. Shows some signs of wear and tear. There are some small to medium sized snags scattered throughout the material. There is a more noticeable snag running down the front of the dress. A few loose, pulled, and frayed threads scattered throughout. There is some discoloration around the hemline. This could likely improve with cleaning. There are a couple missing rhinestones. These could likely be replaced. Some loose threads throughout. Some beads show a bit of chipping, discoloration, or tarnishing. Please request additional photos of wear if desired. Measurements & Sizing*: Total Length: 61" Shoulder to Shoulder: 13" Bust: 31" Waist: 29" Hips: 34" ***Please NOTE: This dress is also available for purchase from Luxury Garage Sale: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371731457152?item=371731457152&rmvSB=true%22%20target=%22_Blank%22%3E371731457152 ***Please note this item is not on consignment and is property of Luxury Garage Sale.*** For inquires, please email danielle@designershare.com for details.

Designer: Carolina Herrera
Size: US-8
evening/black tie

Retail Price: $5,000.00

Rental Price (per week): $125.00

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