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#WhyIRent – DesignerShare

#WhyIRent with Julie Chez

Why do you love renting out your items? I was at first a bit terrified. Fashion is my “thing”…and my pieces are like my treasured pieces of art! But once I popped that first rental cherry, I realized I was in good hands. I have rented out several of my most beloved bags, and have had zero problems! What is your favorite part about DesignerShare? Putting my fashion addiction to good use! It’s also a genius system for experiencing a great piece for a fraction of the cost. In the world of social media it can be way to easy to wear a great dress only once! How would you describe your overall style? I love my ruffles with a side of rock n roll. I adore feminine details like puffy sleeves and full skirts. I adore leather pants and bomber jackets. Boho chic has also been a favorite too. I love it all…hence the “shopaholic”...