Between us, we have an
unlimited designer wardrobe.

That’s our dream: Connecting all of you so your options are limitless.

Keeping up with appearances is tough and costly—it’s hard to buy new outfits all the time. Why not borrow from someone whose style you love? Or maybe you’re looking to be an entrepreneur from home and want to make some cash off items sitting in your closet. This is where DesignerShare comes in.

DesignerShare is the first truly peer-to-peer marketplace for women to rent their designer clothing and accessories to one another. What do we mean by this? Simple: We allow our users to connect directly and get to know each other—you’re opening yourself to amazing new pieces and friends in one place.

Our goal is to allow women to look and feel fabulous all while expanding their networks—it’s about building each other up and feeling your most confident. Call us fashion feminists, if you will.

DesignerShare Team

DesignerShare was started by Sarah Perkins and Bill Meyer, a couple of family friends who came together on a sharing business dream with a fashion twist.

Sarah has always loved sharing her clothes and accessories with friends. But she never realized the idea could be a full-blown enterprise until college when she was lending out party dresses to her peers regularly—and not wanting to wear the same thing over and over again. From this, DesignerShare was born.

We’re just like you—we love to share with our friends.

Bill Meyer

Bill Meyer

Co-Founder, President

Bill is classic in every sense of the word. He’s as comfortable in Paige Denim as he is in Billy Reid (with Armani to hit the town), and counts George Clooney as his style icon.

Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins

Co-Founder, CEO

Sarah has loved fashion her whole life, and spent many years trying to convince others her taste is “exquisite” and not “expensive.” She has visions of outfits based on mood and vividly dreams in color.

Danielle Wink

Danielle Wink

Community Manager

Danielle is the perfect combination of sweet and savvy—just the right fit for all of your DesignerShare needs! She has an extensive background in fashion PR and knows where to find the best sprinkled donuts in town.

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